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Dear Synology users, It’s been long anything way posted here. Sorry for that. I was mostly busy here: This effort was initiated a few weeks ago by Diaoul, pressing me to publish the way I was building my SPK. This GitHub project is a framework to easily build SPK from source code in a [...]

DSM3.2 has arrived, and a round of SPK update follows! This is CouchPotato 3.0 spk. It will bring a nice icon for DSM 3.2 users, and change the way the installation is done: this spk does not include CouchPotato any more, it will be downloaded from GitHub when you install it. That means that you [...]

If you have trouble updating CouchPotato these last days, this new spk might help you. It will provide the latest sources (as of today). It will also clean up the on disk cache of CouchPotato to ensure that the next upgrade goes fine. Download here. It addresses the following issues: (2.1) When upgrading teh spk, [...]