Dear Synology users,

It’s been long anything way posted here. Sorry for that. I was mostly busy here: This effort was initiated a few weeks ago by Diaoul, pressing me to publish the way I was building my SPK. This GitHub project is a framework to easily build SPK from source code in a reproducible manner. As of this writing, most of my current SPK are integrated to spksrc.

The SPK are now available here: DSM 3.2 users can copy paste this URL directly in their Package Center -> Settings -> Package Sources. A new tab will appear in the Package Center window named Other Sources showing the packages available for their NAS model. Installed package may also have a new Update button. Go there from time to time to check for updates.

SPK available:

  • Transmission 2.42
  • Python 2.6.6
  • SABnzbd 0.6.10
  • Couch Potato
  • Headphones
  • Sick Beard

For now, only the software version were updated. I have to go through the different bug reports and try to fix the reported issues.

Happy installation.

EDIT: Ok, its not working now. Let me check.
EDIT 2: Ok, it’s fixed. Stupid me, sorry for the wrong announcement. Thanks to all of you for your quick tests.
EDIT 3: Transmission shall be fixed now, simply update your current installation. It is now 2.42-2.