DSM3.2 has arrived, and a round of SPK update follows!

This is CouchPotato 3.0 spk. It will bring a nice icon for DSM 3.2 users, and change the way the installation is done: this spk does not include CouchPotato any more, it will be downloaded from GitHub when you install it. That means that you will have an up to date version, whenever you install it. Download here.

It addresses the following issues:

  • (3.0) Add icon for DSM3.2 users.
  • (3.0) Don’t include the source code of Couch Potato, but download it from GitHub at installation time.
  • (2.1) When upgrading the spk, clean up the update history file to enforce an application upgrade.
  • (2.0) Don’t rely on the SABnzbd spk to provide the Python environment, use the Python spk instead.
  • (1.2) If SABnzbd is not configured, go on without connecting CP to SAB. If you later wish to use SABnzbd as a downloader for CP, you will need to setup it by hand, or do a full reinstall of CP.
  • (1.2) Add the web UI port to the DSM Package Manager interface. It will get updated if changed if the in the application.
  • (1.2) As the first start may take some time, give it more time to start before reporting an error.
  • (1.1) The port number is 8082, as 5000 (the default port number of CP) is already used by the DSM interface. No change in the spk, just a few word here as this information was missing. Thanks Morten for reporting this.
  • (1.1) Ensure that the PATH environment variable contains standard synology path only, and no any 3rd party directories like ipkg. Reported by Diaoul, thanks.
  • (1.1) Correct log file path to correctly display it in the DSM interface. Reported by Diaoul, thanks again.
  • (1.1) Make the DSM icon available for every user, not only the admin. Reported by kauhl on transmission 2.30b1, but it affects all my packages.

This spk requires my Python spk to work correctly. The dependency will be checked at the installation time, and you will be redirected to the download page if it is missing. You must install at least version 2.6.6 4.

Tested with DSM 3.2 1922, on a DS408 and a DS210j. Not tested on DSM 3.1 or older, but it should work. Please report success and failure, as you always do.

The package is about 40kB, it will download 2.5MB from GitHub, and install 8MB on your NAS. It will grow to 14MB at the first start (python compiled files), and more due to cache files and logs. All is cleanly removed when the package is removed.

The package is compressed using xz, and supports all the NAS supported by Python spk, i.e. all the NAS from the x07 to x11 series. No changes were made to the source code. Specific scripts to the Synology DSM were also added.