This package contains Python 2.6.6 for the Synology NAS. It is packed in an spk and install easily through the DSM package manager interface. It does not provide any user service by itself (it can’t be run), but is needed by the latest version of my spk for SABnzbd, CouchPotato and SickBeard.

The package is available here. Just install it and that’s all! It will provide the python executable and libraries for other spk.

The package is about 11MB, and the install size 27MB. It supports all the NAS from the x07 to x11 series. Tested successfully on a DS408 (ppc854x) and a 210j (88f6281) with DSM 3.1 1613. Not tested with DSM 3.0 or older, but it should work.

Build with Cheetah 2.4.4 src, openssl 1.0.0c src, pyOpenSSL 0.11 src, Python 2.6.6 src with a patch to ease the cross compilation src, sqlite 3.7.4 srcyenc 0.3 src, and zlib 1.2.5 src. No changes were made to the source code, only usual build configuration. Specific scripts to the Synology DSM were also added.

As always, comments and remarks welcome, enjoy!